The program is expected to train participants in the fields of practical accounting management whereby the participants will be able to use their expertise for their daily use and be more marketable to get jobs. In additiona, the program will help participants get exposure to Computerized Accounting and able to produce Computerized Finance Accounting Reports. At the same time, they can also increase their self confidence by enhancing their knowledge in practical accounting skills.


The program combines three elements of learning, critical thinking,evaluation and practical assessment that can bear a positive and lasting impact in terms of human development. Benefits :

- Guiding participants to be more confidents in the preparation of the financial statements.
- Guiding participants in analyzing and applying critical thinking to the financial statements.
- Enhance the confidence of the participants to utilise the financial statements using the "computerized financial accounting".

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program participants will be able to
- Understand the role of accounting in business.
- Obtain basic knowledge in analyzing financial statements,income statement,statement of equity and balance sheet.
- Apply the basic analysis approach in reading financial staements.
- Able to produce "full set accounts".
- Able to list the various methods to make decisions in a given situation.
- Able to familiarize with Computerized Accounting (Accounting Software).

Teaching Methodology

- Lectures and presentations
- Case studies / current issues
- Practical training
- Exposure to "best practice"
- Interactive discussion
- Computerized Accounting (Accounting Software)

Key Topics Covered

- Introduction to Accounting.
- Accounting Equation.
- Post System and Ledger Entry table.
- Trial Balance
- Final Accounts and Balance Sheets.
- Doubtful Debts and Provision for Doubtful Debts.
- Accounting of Fixed Assets.
- Adjustment of Final Accounts and Balance Sheets.
- Bank Reconciliation.
- Partnership Account.
- Account for Non-Trading Account.
- Analyse and Interpret the Final Accounts.
- Computerized Account Hands-On Training (Accounting Software).

Who Should Attend

- School Leavers
- Working Adult
- School Teacher
- Manager
- Investor
- Business Owner
- Government Official
- NGO's Treasurer
- Individual

Method of Payment

- HRDF Claimable
- Progress Payment

Course Fee : RM 5000 (6 Months part time / full time programme)
Registration Fee : RM 200 only (NO OTHER HIDDEN COST)
Requirement : SPM - PASS Bahasa Malaysia and English

Jointly Organized By

Malaysia University Of Science and Technology (MUST)
SIDMA College Sarawak