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SIDMA College Sarawak will enhance Program Kembara Ilmu for the year 2016. In 2016, there will be more school to join this program. The objective of this program is to inspire and share knowledge in order to make the students aware that knowledge is very important and poverty or far from the center is not an obstacle for them to become successful like the other students.

This program will involves a well-known speaker in Sarawak, Prof. Dr. Mornie Kambrie, who is also Chairman of SIDMA College Sarawak and Prof. Madya Dr. Zaida Mustafa, Dean, Faculty of Education and Communication, UNITAR International University.

According to Prof. Dr. Mornie Kambrie, from this program, they can track and share knowledge with young people, especially those living in rural areas.

"The aim of this program is also intended to sensitize the young generation especially school students will need motivation and leadership for the future, inspire, confidence and self-reliance in meeting the challenges of student learning and the future, nurturing the positive thinking in the learning and career development as well as provide opportunities for students to get to know and understand their potential to move forward ", he said.

To make this program become better for the year 2016, SIDMA College team which lead by Tuan Haji Marzuki Hj Umi (Director SIDMA College Sarawak) and Puan Hajah Dyg Sofia Abg Haji Bohan (Chief Executive SIDMA College Sarawak) met and discuss with the Deputy Director of Sarawak Education Department regarding this program to make sure Kembara Ilmu 2016 more interesting.

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