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Dates (Kurma) Distribution Ceremony at SIDMA College Sarawak.

Fasting during the month of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. The basic purpose of the fast is to gain piety or God Consciousness (Taqwa). Muslims fast during the daylight hours from dawn to sunset, performed prayers, reading the Qur’an, spending time on self-reflection and self-discipline, and are also encouraged to increase good deeds and values such generosity and charity, patience and forgiveness and also to maintain these noble values throughout the year.

Breaking the fast with dates is in the Hadith literature (a collection of sayings attributed to the Prophet Mohammad). It is recorded that the Prophet Mohammad would break His fast with dates and water before offering prayer.

In conjunction with the upcoming Holy month of Ramadan which begins on 6 June 2016, Haji Marzuki Haji Umi, Chairman of SIDMA College Sarawak distributed dates (kurma) to SIDMA staff during a simple but meaningful ceremony at SIDMA College Sarawak yesterday.

During the date’s distribution event, Haji Marzuki announced that SIDMA College has lined up a host of religious and social corporate obligations and commitments to be implemented throughout the month of Ramadan 2016.

Among some of its annual Ramadan activities are Infaq and Sedekah Sempena bulan Ramadhan, where one big box will be place in front of SIDMA College Sarawak building. So for the staff of SIDMA College Sarawak and also the public who wants to donate the food or daily needs, they just drop it there anytime. SIDMA College will distribute the entire donation to 20 houses (asnaf) which will be filtered by Tabung Baitulmal Sarawak.

Besides, SIDMA College Sarawak will distribute 1000 packed spiced porridge (bubur lambuk) on 16 June 2016 at Masjid Darulhana Patingan, Kampung Nombor 6 Kuching.

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