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What makes you so special?



In some ways we are all the same. We all have the same human nature. We share a common humanity. We all have human bodies and human minds, we all have human thoughts and human feelings. Yet in other ways we are all completely different and unique. No two people are truly alike. No two people can ever have the same experience of life, the same perspective, the same mind. So how does an organization with variety of members’ background can walk through the challenges and predicament to achieve the corporate’s missions and visions? One of the ways is by getting to know ourselves by analyzing our own personality and also others around us.

Personality can be defined as the visible aspect of one's character as it impresses others (Personality, n.d). It is also can be referred to as consistency in a person’s way of being - that is, long term consistency in their particular ways of perceiving, thinking, acting and reacting as a person.

We were all born with our own set of strengths and weaknesses, and no magic formula works wonders for all of us. Until we recognize our uniqueness, we can’t understand how people can sit in the same seminar with the same speaker for the same amount of time and all achieve different degrees of success. Personality Plus looks at each one of us as an individual blend of the four basic temperaments and encourages us to get acquainted with the real us underneath before trying to change what shows on the surface. It will show us how to examine ourselves, how to polish up our strengths, and how to chip away our weaknesses. When we know who we are and why we act the way we do, we can begin to understand our inner selves, improve our personalities, and learn to get along with others. We are not going to imitate someone else, but we’re going to do the very best we can with the raw materials available.

This article on Personality Plus will provide a quick psychology lesson in easy, enjoyable terms so that we may:
• Examine our own strengths and weaknesses and learn how to accentuate our positives and eliminates our negatives; and
• Understand other people and realize that just because others are different does not make them wrong.

Therefore, to find out more about ourselves and understand our basic natures, we will examine the personality groupings which was first established by Hippocrates twenty-four hundred years ago. Some of us might have learned or heard about this but let’s revise on the four personality groupings. We will have fun with the Popular Sanguines, who exude enthusiasm. We’ll get serious with the Perfect Melancholies, who strive for perfection in all things. We’ll charge forth with the Powerful Cholerics, who are born leaders. And we’ll relax with the Peaceful Phlegmatics, who are happily reconciled to life. No matter who we are, we have something to learn from each of these types.

Now let’s proceed to the exciting and fascinating part of this article, in which you will be able to explore yourself and interpret your own personality by answering the simple test that is attached in the appendix (Appendix 1, page 1). Once you have transferred your answers to the scoring sheet (Appendix 1, page 2), added up your total number of answers in each of the four columns, and added your totals from both the strengths and weaknesses sections, you will know your dominant personality type, as well as your least dominant type. You will also know what combination you are.

Hence, as you read on the following pages and work with the material in this article, you will learn how to put your strengths to work for you, how to compensate for the weaknesses in your dominant type, and how to understand the strengths and weakness of other types.

We will see that while Popular Sanguine is talking, Powerful Choleric is doing, and Peaceful Phlegmatic is watching, Perfect Melancholy is thinking, planning, creating, inventing. Thus, let’s first proceed by exploring ourselves to find out which personality that we possess.

PERSONALITY POTENTIAL: A Look at Our Individual Assets

• Popular Sanguine Personality

Since we are born with our own set of temperament traits, the pattern begins to show up very early in life. Popular Sanguines innately look for fun and games, and from the time they are little, they are inquisitive and cheerful and love to be with people. Their bubbly personalities and natural charisma draw people to them. The most obvious way to spot a Popular Sanguine is by listening in on any group and locating the one who is the loudest and chatting the most constantly. While the other temperaments talk, Popular Sanguine tells stories. And along with their colorful stories often make them the life of the party.

It is believed that Popular Sanguines are very cheerful, warm and physical people that they tend to hug, kiss, pat, and stroke their friends as they feel that such contact is so natural to them. They frequently hold on to the people they are talking to in order to be in close contact and to make sure their audience doesn’t get away. They have an innate sense of the dramatic and a magnetic attraction to center stage which make them excellent greeters, hosts, receptionists, masters of ceremony and even club presidents.

Popular Sanguines are emotional and demonstrative people who are optimistic and enthusiastic over almost everything. Whatever you bring up, they want to do, and wherever you mention going, they want to go. And because of such abundance of energy and enthusiasm, they tend to attract and inspire others. Harry Truman once said that leadership is the ability to inspire others to work and make them enjoy doing it. Thus, this statement sums up Popular Sanguines and shows their subtle style of leadership. The effective Popular Sanguines think up the ideas and charms others into carrying them out to a productive conclusion.

Mr. Ronald James is a very close example of Popular Sanguine personality in our organization. According to R. James (personal communication, April 2, 2015), he is always known for his energetic charisma especially when he is talking or chatting and a very good storyteller as he loves to talk not only verbally but even with his nonverbal gestures and body languages. When he talks, it is common to see that he will move around, jump, wave and wiggle. Also, if you happen to have suggestions of doing something or going somewhere, he will certainly tags along and join as well (if he is available in which in most cases he’ll make himself available). He has a delightful sense of humor who loves to socialize and joke around and finds that meeting new people are pleasurable. That is why it is not a big issue for him to familiarize himself with SIDMA College’s staffs and students even though he has only been here for about two months now.

• Perfect Melancholy Personality

Where Popular Sanguine is an extrovert, Perfect Melancholy is an introvert which appears to be thinking deeply and the thinkers. They are the people who are serious of purpose, dedicated to order and organization, and appreciative of beauty and intelligence. They don’t dash off in search of excitement but analyze the best plan for their lives. Without Perfect Melancholies, we would have little poetry, art, literature, philosophy, or symphonies. We would be missing the culture, refinement, taste, and talents so deep within our natures.

Perfect Melancholy is born with pessimistic nature, and foresees problems before they happen and counts the cost before taking actions. They always wants to get to the heart of the matter in which they don’t take things at face value, rather they dig into inner truths. Perfect Melancholies enjoy term papers and research projects, and they prefer to work alone as they believe that conversation only slows progress. They are the kinds of people who are serious who set long-range goals and want to do only what has eternal purpose. They are in pursuit of order, in which they must have things organized or not they would not function well.

Perfect Melancholy is always the one with the motto “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right”. It’s never a matter of how fast he can do it, but well as the quality is always more important that the quantity. That is why when a Perfect Melancholy is in charge, you know the job will be done properly and on time. In a day and age where mediocrity is accepted as above average, Perfect Melancholy shines as a beacon of high standards for the rest of us to follow.

In SIDMA College Sarawak, Ms. Siti Nazurah bt Suaip is a perfect display of a Perfect Melancholy. She believes that she works efficiently by following schedules right from the beginning by having lists and attached to her routines as well as daily goals to be achieved in order to evaluate her progress and productivity at the end of the day. Another example that we can take note is from her appearance. As a Perfect Melancholy, Siti Nazurah always makes sure that her outfit is always matching with her accessories. For instance, she wears her purple baju kurung with purple heels as well as purple scarves and matching color of handbag. If not, she will feel incomplete and that will definitely affect her moods for the rest of the day (S. N. Suaip, personal communication, April 2, 2015).

• Powerful Choleric Personality

Powerful Choleric is the dynamic person who is always aiming, reaching, succeeding and the type of person who dreams the impossible dream and aims to reach the unreachable star. She is the easiest temperament to understand and get along with, as long as you live by her golden rule: “Do it my way NOW!”

Powerful Cholerics are similar to Popular Sanguines in that they are both outgoing and optimistic. They can communicate openly with people, and she knows everything will turn out all right – as long as she is in charge. She is the kind of person who is more productive than other personalities, and she lets you know clearly where she stands. Because Powerful Choleric is goal oriented and has innate leadership qualities, she usually rises to the top in whatever career she chooses. The majority of our political or organization leaders are primarily the ones with such personality. The typical words that describe Powerful Cholerics are like swiftly, control, commander, self-assurance, dominate, take-charge determination, consigned, reorganization, decision-making machinery, directive, faster and complete.

Powerful Cholerics are born leaders who exhibit a take-charge attitude. They are compulsive and they must change whatever they see out of place and correct whatever wrongs are being put upon the helpless. All organizations, businesses, and families need the strength of will and ability to make decisions that come pre-packaged in Powerful Choleric. Where others can’t make up their minds, they will deicide instantly. They solve problems and save time, although not everyone appreciates their decisiveness.

Powerful Cholerics have a difficult role in life. They have the answers; they know what to do; they can make quick decisions; they bail others out – but they are rarely popular because their assurance and assertiveness make others feel insecure, and their ability to lead can easily make them appear bossy. So, by understanding the personality, Powerful Choleric should try to moderate their actions, so that others will rejoice in the Powerful Choleric’s obvious abilities and not be offended by them.

Ms. Fatin Athirah bt Amat Zaidel is a confident, independent and resourceful person which bears a resemblance to a Powerful Choleric personality. At a young age of 23, she exhibits a take-charge attitude in which we can see in her of tasks and responsibility as an educator. Even though there is little gap of age between her students and herself, she manage to lead them and be decisive on her teaching and learning progress in class. Thus, the students respect her and take after her lead. She also organizes well, and it shows not only from her appearance but even on how she decorates and manages her workstation into a well-organized and systematic desk arrangement. She places her biscuits and snacks into stack of containers, the teaching files into a set of storage box located neatly on her desk, and her books and educational materials are arranged tidily at the corner on her workstation. That shows just how productive she is at managing herself even to other aspect of life as well (F. A. Amat Zaidel, personal communication, April 8, 2015).

• Peaceful Phlegmatic Personality

Peaceful Phlegmatic is the easiest of all temperaments to get along with. They tone down the wild schemes of Popular Sanguine, refuse to get too impressed with the brilliant decisions of Powerful Choleric, and don’t take too seriously of the complicated plans of Perfect Melancholy. A Peaceful Phlegmatic person is the great leveler of us all, showing us, “It doesn’t really matter that much.” And in the long run, it really doesn’t! We are all part of a complex plan in which each temperament, when functioning properly, will fit into the right place and unite to form an exciting and balanced picture.

Peaceful Phlegmatic is the closest there is to being a balanced person: one who does not function in the extremes or excesses of life, but walks solidly down the middle road, avoiding conflict and decision on either side. This kind of person does not offend, does not call attention, and quietly does what is expected of her without looking for credit. While Powerful Choleric is the “born leader”, Peaceful Phlegmatic is the “learned leader” and with proper motivation can rise to the top because of her outstanding ability to get along with everyone. This kind of person tends to hold back until asked and is never pushy.

One of the most admirable traits of Peaceful Phlegmatic is the ability to stay calm in the eye of storm. Where Popular Sanguine screams, Powerful Choleric lashes out, and Perfect Melancholy sinks down, Peaceful Phlegmatic rides cool. She backs up and waits a minute, and then moves quietly in the right direction. This shows that emotion doesn’t overwhelm her; anger doesn’t enter her heart. She is the kind of person who likes to take it easy, the one who is never in a hurry, and she doesn’t get disturbed over situations that would bother others. It is also believed that Peaceful Phlegmatic is the greatest friend of all, because her total assets add up to positive human relations. She is easygoing, relaxed, calm, cool, well balanced, patient, consistent, peaceful and pleasant. Hence, what more could anyone ever ask in a friend? The Peaceful Phlegmatic friend always has time for you.

Ms Dania Raffiqa bt Ramlee is a person who possesses Peaceful Phlegmatic personality in which she is contented, tolerant, and pleasant (D. R. Ramlee, personal communication, April 8, 2015). She is very calm and eager to please others, and wishes for everyone to get along by avoiding conflicts with them and those are the reasons why she is likeable by everyone around her. For example, while everyone else is going around in a hectic manner, she is the only one who remains calm and sit quietly at her workstation doing her tasks. The most common response that she would give is a smile or just an empty stare or in some case a simple gesture such as a nod then she will laugh it out. Furthermore, Dania is very helpful towards others. She hardly rejects favors from anyone and always available to lend her hands, as long as she has the time and opportunity. Undeniably, that is the reason why she is favored by people around her.

PERSONALITY POWER: A Source of Strength to Achieve Our Potential

Understanding the personalities is the first step in understanding people. If we can’t see the innate difference in others and accept them as they are, we will think everyone not like us is at least slightly irregular. When we understand personality, we begin to see why opposites attract. We learn that for any institutions or even family to have a variety of temperament traits provides a variety of activities and interests.

God did not intend us all to be Popular Sanguines. We’d have a lot of fun, but never quite get organized. God did not make us all Powerful Choleric leaders. If He had, there would be none left to follow. God did not want us all to be Perfect Melancholies, for if things went wrong, we’d all be depressed. And God did not create us all to be Peaceful Phlegmatics as we just how peaceful we are, we will always remain the same with no progress at all in life.

We learned that God did not make us all alike in that each and every one of us is unique. Therefore, we should examine ourselves and find out what gifts has God given us and what weaknesses that God wishes us to overcome with our willingness and His power. This is the reason why we need each temperament for the total function of the body and each part should do its work to unify the action and produce harmonious results, not only to ourselves but to everyone in the organization at large.

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