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Congratulations to the 2015 SIDMA College Sarawak, UNITAR International University Graduates.

Prof Dr Morni Hj Kambrie (Chairman, SIDMA Board of Directors), Tuan Haji Marzuki Hj Umi and Puan Hanizah Mohidin (Directos, SIDMA College), Puan Dayang Hajah Sofia Hj Abang Bohan (Chief Executive, SIDMA College Sarawak) SIDMA Board of management, lecturers and staff SIDMA College Sarawak, UNITAR International University Sarawak extended sincere congratulations and best of luck to all the SIDMA College Sarawak, UNITAR International University, Sarawak graduates who have been endorsed by Senate to UNITAR International University, Kelana Jaya, Selangor Darul Eshan, one of Malaysia’s first private universities, to receive their scroll during the UNITAR 3rd Convocation Ceremony 2015 at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) on 12 December 2015.

“It has been a great pleasure having you here at SIDMA College Sarawak, UNITAR International University Sarawak, and we take great pride in your graduations. You have work so hard for it, and now you’ve successfully conquered it. You should be extremely proud of your hard work and dedication over all these years at the college; and thus deserves some thoughtful words of recognition from us. It’s certainly your success and your achievement, as it will give you the abundant opportunities ahead. May the career you will be entering bring much happiness to you and your family. You have been excellent students in here, and we have no doubt that you will continue to serve as representatives of SIDMA College Sarawak, UNITAR International University Sarawak by building upon the reputation of excellence in wherever you are.”

Dr Morni also took the opportunity to congratulate and expressed his appreciations to all the graduates family, relatives, lecturers friends as well as to all those who shared the pride and joy of your success; for their patience, understandings, sacrifices and support rendered during those challenging but rewarding years of yours while at college. He too advised these graduates to always be grateful to their parents, relatives, lecturers and friends for their contributions; which have directly or indirectly assisted and brought them to be at this present level.

“Continue your climb and aspire excellence. With love and pride, we send our sincere CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GRADUATION”.

Established in 1997 in Malaysia, UNITAR International University (UNITAR) is owned and managed by UNITAR Capital Sdn. Bhd. (Company No. 842825-T), a reputable, private, higher-learning institution that can provide a platform for your educational success.

UNITAR's Main Campus in Kelana Jaya collaborates with 10 Independent Regional Centres (IRC) throughout the country to assist a combined population of more than 9,000 students nationwide on 60 academic programmes.

Prepared by:
Media and Corporate Communication Department
SIDMA College Sarawak

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(Vocational Training Officer)

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Syarat-syarat Kelayakan :

1) Seorang warganegara Malaysia

2) Telah mencapai umur 21 Tahun

3) Bermastautin di bahagian pilihan raya yang ingin didaftarkan

4) Tidak dihalang/hilang kelayakan oleh undang-undang yang berkuatkuasa

Kaedah Pendaftaran :

1) Pendaftaran statik seperti di kaunter Ibu Pejabat SPR, Pejabat-pejabat Pilihan Raya Negeri atau Pejabat Pos Berkomputer.

2) Pendaftaran Bergerak sepert Out-Reach Team SPR, Penolong Pendaftar (Parti Politik) atau Penolong Pendaftar di Pejabat-pejabat Kerajaan yang dilantik oleh SPR.

Pusat-Pusat Pendaftaran :

i) Ibu Pejabat SPR di Putrajaya
ii) Pejabat-pejabat Pilihan Raya Negeri di seluruh negara
iii) Pejabat Pos Berkomputer di seluruh negara
iv) Pejabat Daerah/Pejabat Majlis Daerah
v) Tempat-tempat awam seperti pasar malam, pasar raya atau taman-taman perumahan yang dikunjungi oleh Out-Reach Team SPR

(Vocational Training Officer)

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