The Bachelor of Education (Hons) programme is aimed at preparing students to meet the demands and challenges of the teaching profession for both the public and private educational institutions. Thus, the programme provides an excellent opportunity for non-graduate teachers, school-leavers, and those interested in entering the teaching profession to be better equipped with a more solid command of the subject knowledge and skills required of an educator. This programme has been accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA / LAN).

The programme courses are structured so as to improve and enhance learners' pedagogical abilities and their teaching skills besides providing the necessary Malaysian school subject content knowledge. Graduates of this programme will have an understanding of the history, philosophy, systems, practices and challenges of educational development. The programme enables scholars to master competency in identifying the nature of learning experiences and problems faced by students, and to be professionally engaged in the teaching-learning processes and experiences, curriculum planning, aspects of educational institution management and development of the profession.

The Education Degree Programme is also designed to invite scholars to develop a deeper understanding of local realities, moral development and intellectual character, and dynamic and strategic world views of intellectual capital, human development through education and training. Through this programme, scholars will have the opportunity to understand and acquire deeper understanding of the significant features of three thousand years of educational wisdom in human civilisation and to explore the possibilities of the significant contributions of the education-based industry provided by both the public and private sectors.

Entry Requirements

- Pass STPM with 2 principals; or
- 'A' Levels, Matriculation, Foundation, Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) or Pre-university; or
- Diploma from a Public or Private Higher Education Institution and have obtained the minimum standard requirement by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA / LAN) or been granted MQA / LAN accreditation or equivalent qualification which is recognised by the Malaysian Government; or - Completed (pass) UNIRAZAK Foundation Course or
- Diploma in Education from any Teacher Training Institution under MOE or
- Certificate from a Polytechnic under the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia or
- Completed Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) with at least Grade B in 5 subjects (including ENGLISH) AND
- Pass SPM with 5 credits with at least grade 4B / C4 in the subject that they intend to take as their major subject

English Proficiency Requirement

Malaysian Students

Students who enroll into UNIRAZAK Bachelor's Degree programmes must fulfill the following English proficiency requirements:

Students who have obtained credit in the English Language at the SPM/SPMV level are required to take additional English courses, depending on the level of proficiency.

Students who do not have a credit in the English Language at the SPM/SPMV level are required to undergo the Intensive English Programme.

Students who have obtained distinction in the English Language at the SPM/SPMV level are not required to take additional English courses.


Additional charges will be imposed based on the English placement level, in addition to the respective programme fees.

UNITAR Placement
3B (Previous Code: C3)
Band 3
English Proficiency Level 3
4B & 5C (Previous Code: C4 & C5)
Band 2
English Proficiency Level 2
6C (Previous Code: C6)
Band 1
English Proficiency Level 1
7D, 8E & 9G (Previous Code P7, P8 & P9)
Intensive English Programme

International Students

International students who enrol into UNIRAZAK programmes must fulfil the following English proficiency requirements:

Undergraduate Programmes - TOEFL score of 450 or IELTS band of 4 The validity period for TOEFL and IELTS is two (2) years from the date of the award.

Without the qualification mentioned above, International students are required to register for and pass a special Intensive English Programme (IEP). This programme will incur additional charges over and above the respective programme fees.

Programme Structure

This programme requires a minimum of 132 credit hours of course work, to be completed in a minimum period of 10 semesters. Upon entering Semester 6 of the programme, students are required to choose their areas of specialisation. Students will also be required to undergo a Teaching Practicum that will enable them to develop positive professional attitudes, master and apply professional knowledge and relevant practical teaching skills. The list of core courses for this programme are as follows:

Year 1

Semester 1

Business Communication I
Critical Thinking
Fundamentals of Information Technology
Interpersonal and Communication Skills
Basic Skills for Knowledge Workers

Semester 2

Business Communication II
Foundation in Education
Philosophy, History & Policy of Education
Co-Curriculum I

Semester 3

Management & Leadership in Education
Sociology in Education
Curriculum Development
Islamic Studies or Moral Education
Pedagogy in Education

Year 2

Semester 4

Innovations, Creativity & Talents
Statistics in Education
Testing and Evaluation in Education
Counseling in Education

Semester 5

Cognitive Sciences,Psyschology & Other Related Sciences in Education
Research Methods in Education
Specialisation (Major)

Semester 6

Specialisation (Major)
Specialisation (Major)
Specialisation (Major)
Specialisation (Major)
Specialisation (Major)

Year 3

Semester 7

Specialisation / Major
Specialisation / Major
Elective Course I
Malaysian Studies

Semester 8

Co-Curriculum II
Elective Course II
National Language (Bahasa Malaysia)

Semester 9

Teaching Practicum

Semester 10

Elective Course III
Seminar in Education

Any three (3) elective courses:

Selections can be made from courses offered in the respective semesters

* International students are exempted from taking the following courses: Malaysian Studies, Islamic Studies or Moral Education and National Language (Bahasa Malaysia).

Area of Specialisation

The Bachelor of Education (Hons) programme has six areas of specialisation, majors or concentrations. They are : Commerce, Economics, Information Technology, Counselling, Language and Literature, and Mathematics. The respective courses in each of the Majors are as listed below :


- Financial Accounting
- Managerial Accounting
- Principles of Management
- Human Resource Management
- Management Information System
- Entreprenuership
- E-Commerce
- Pedagogy in Commerce


Principles of Economics
Intermediate Microeconomics
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Malaysian Economics
Knowledge Economy
Pedagody in Economics

Information Technology

Fundamentals of Multimedia
Fundamentals of Internet and Web Publishing
Computer Systems and Organization
Information Systems : Theory & Practice
Pedagogy in Information Technology
Electronic Commerce and Law in Information Technology
System Analysis & Design


Theories and Philosophy in Counseling
Multicultural Counseling
Comunication and Ethics in Counseling
Social Changes in Society
Special Children and Family Counseling
Counseling Laboratory
Human Resource Management
Leadership in Counseling

Language and Literature

Morphology and Syntax
Phonetics and Phonology
An Introduction to Linguistics
The Language Deficient Learner
Teaching Listening and Speaking
Teaching Reading and Writing
The Teaching and Appreciation of Literature
Language and Theatre


Introduction to Linear Algebra
Discrete Mathematics
Modern Geometrics
Introduction to Statistical Analysis
Pedagogy in Mathematics
Technology and Mathematic Education
Perspective in Mathematics

Career Prospects

Graduates will be eligible to become professional educators, trainers, managerial or executive positions in Malaysia, and could serve in any public or private educational and training institution. Having this degree also opens up a vast range of career opportunities within educational organisations such as:

- Deputy Principal
- Principal
- Guidance Officer
- Counselors
- Teacher
- Consultant
- Student Advisor
- Learning Resources and Curriculum Instructional Designer Support

Graduates from the programme are professionally equipped to continue their lifelong learning and become Trainers and HR Professionals. The key competency mastered throughout the programme will provide the knowledge and skills sought by employers in government, business, industry and non-governmental organisations in the Education and other fields, especially in areas where an educational background is required to foster the development of talents and potentials, and generate educational materials for human resource management.


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JOM DAFTAR ! Pengambilan April 2019

Semua mampu masuk UNITAR ! Hanya dengan SPM !

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