When can I apply?

- Anytime. Application is open throughout the year.
- New Intake Registrations are February, May and September.

How to Apply?

- Walk-in to our Regional centers.
- Online application.

What needs to be enclosed together with the application?

- 1 copy of NRIC.
- 1 copy of certified academic certificates and transcripts.

When do I know the outcome of my application?

The result will be known within 7 working days from the date we receive the application.

Walk-in applicants with complete documents and meet our entrance qualifications will get letter of offer on the spot.

Candidates can also check their application status online. Through

What do I receive together with the offer letter?

- Academic calendar.
- Letter of Guarantee and Indemnity.
- Registration Information-fees, PTPTN and hostel.

What do I need to do before registration?

Submit your Confirmation Acceptance Slip or call our regional centre.

Where do I register?

At the regional centres as specified in the offer letter.

What do I need to bring during registration?

- Original & 2 copies of offer letter.
- Original & 2 copies of academic certificates.
- 2 copies of IC, Birth Certificate, School Leaving Certificate and Testimonial.
- 5 pieces passport size photograph.
- Registration fees – RM1000.00.

How do I make payment?

You may use:

- Postal Order.
- Cheques.
- Cash.
- Money Order, or
- Bank Draft.

(Please obtain receipt for all payments made)

Why am I offered a Diploma when I applied for a Degree programme?

- Do not meet the minimum requirements for a Degree programme.

Why is my application unsuccessful?

- Incomplete application form and/or
- Do not meet minimum requirements.

How to APPEAL?

Write to:

Admission & Student Records Department
SIDMA College Sarawak,
Wisma Mornie,
No 1, Jalan Haji Taha,
93400, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Furnish additional certified documents, if necessary.






1 year

3 years


2 years

5 years


3-4 years

8 years

(Note – With credit transfer, learners may complete the course earlier than the minimum duration specified above).



Who can apply for PTPTN loans?

Registered students who study Diploma or Degree programs and have at least 3 credits in SPM.

How to apply for PTPTN?

Fill up the PTPTN form and submit to:

Finance Department at your Regional Centre.

Where can I get the PTPTN application form?

- At UNITAR Main Study Centre,
- At Regional Centres during registration, and
- Direct from PTPTN offices.

How much is the form?


When is the closing date to submit the form?

Two weeks after registration.

How long will it take for PTPTN to process my loan?

- 3 to 6 months


Who is eligible to withdraw EPF?

Registered students who study Diploma or Degree programs.

How do I apply to withdraw my EPF to pay for my tuition fees?

Fill up the application form from EPF.

Get the confirmation letter from Admission & Student Record Department at the Regional Centre.

Submit the application form together with UNITAR's confirmation letter to EPF.


Face-To-Face classes.

Tutorials will be held for students and instructors to meet and discuss study topic on a regular basis. 2 hours per week per subject.

What is a VOISS?

Virtual Online Instructional Support System (VOISS) is the course management system for students and instructors, covering web-based courseware, forum, FAQs, e-mail, bulletin board, announcement, assignments, quizzes, class schedule and examinations results. Students can check for the latest announcements like new assignments, forum topics, deadline submissions and others by logging on the VOISS system.

Specially constructed module to facilitate self-managed learning.

It has the following features:

- User-friendly
- Interactive
- Easy to understand


Tutorials can now be conducted in real time mode. This allows students to discuss with instructor and fellow classmates from the comfort of their own homes or offices. Lecturers also get to give presentations with visual and audio capabilities.


Online learning resources are materials that are posted online to assist students in their learning. These include courseware, PowerPoint slides and links to additional web content.

Face-To-Face Classes

Where and when are the classes conducted?

At the local Learning Centres.

Is attendance compulsory?

- Full Time – Attendance Compulsory.
- Part Time – Once a month meeting with the lecturer.

How many times a week?

1 time / 2 hours per course.

What are the activities during the classes?

- Group discussion.
- Presentation.
- Tutorials.

How many students per tutorial class?

Typically, between 20 – 40 students.


Who conducts the classes?

Qualified instructor appointed by UNITAR Sarawak and Sabah Regional Centre.

What are the criteria for appointment of tutors?

Holders of:
- Bachelor's Degree, or
- Master's Degree.

What are the roles of instructor / lecturer?

- Conduct face-to-face tutorial.
- Provide academic counseling / guidance.
- Conduct tests and exams.
- Provide continuous assessment.

How to get in touch with the instructor?

- Via VOISS.
- Via e-mail.
- Via telephone.
- Face-To-Face.

Who are the lecturers?

Most of our lecturers are Local.

SIDMA College Sarawak Management
UNITAR Sarawak Regional Centre


(Vocational Training Officer)

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Syarat-syarat Kelayakan :

1) Seorang warganegara Malaysia

2) Telah mencapai umur 21 Tahun

3) Bermastautin di bahagian pilihan raya yang ingin didaftarkan

4) Tidak dihalang/hilang kelayakan oleh undang-undang yang berkuatkuasa

Kaedah Pendaftaran :

1) Pendaftaran statik seperti di kaunter Ibu Pejabat SPR, Pejabat-pejabat Pilihan Raya Negeri atau Pejabat Pos Berkomputer.

2) Pendaftaran Bergerak sepert Out-Reach Team SPR, Penolong Pendaftar (Parti Politik) atau Penolong Pendaftar di Pejabat-pejabat Kerajaan yang dilantik oleh SPR.

Pusat-Pusat Pendaftaran :

i) Ibu Pejabat SPR di Putrajaya
ii) Pejabat-pejabat Pilihan Raya Negeri di seluruh negara
iii) Pejabat Pos Berkomputer di seluruh negara
iv) Pejabat Daerah/Pejabat Majlis Daerah
v) Tempat-tempat awam seperti pasar malam, pasar raya atau taman-taman perumahan yang dikunjungi oleh Out-Reach Team SPR

(Vocational Training Officer)

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